InCar Oy

InCar – Finland’s most convenient damage repair-workshop

Crash, dent, bump, stone chip, crack in the glass.
The are words that have irritated motorists ever since Karl Benz invented the automobile back in 1886.

Our story of full of life begins with Finnish family-owned business back in 1991 and a passion for car damage repairs, painting cars and offering glass service with uncompromising professionalism.

Today, InCar is Finland’s leading chain of damage repair-workshops and a forerunner in industry development. Within our chain, more than 350 employees are allowed to shine as top-notch experts in their own field of work in more than 40 locations across Finland.

For InCar, the purpose is to remove from the world this annoyance and stress experienced by motorists in case of damage to the car and afterwards. Sounds impossible maybe, but we like to make right the dents and bumps in both cars and our entire industry on a daily basis.

We want to be the most reliable and knowledgeable operator in the field of car repairs in Finland. And for this reason, we need to be the best place in the whole industry for professionals to develop themselves and others. We continuously strive to develop our operations, and the customer’s peace of mind is always on top of our minds. We want to provide the motorist with the most professional service and the highest level of repair works as easily as possible and just the way the customer needs.

Each decision of ours is driven by this question: Does this solution make life easier for our customer – the motorist? If the answer is yes, we promise to make it happen. And we always live up to our promises.

Company management

Marko Jussila – InCar

Marko Jussila


Tommi Vatén – InCar

Tommi Vatén

Operatiivinen johtaja

0400 707 501

Pasi Tolvanen – InCar

Pasi Tolvanen

Kaupallinen johtaja

045 632 2016

Helsinki area

Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Klaukkala, Kotka

Tino Honkaniemi – InCar

Tino Honkaniemi


045 274 6422

Mika Oinonen – InCar

Mika Oinonen


040 7623 651

Jerry Linjamäki – InCar

Jerry Linjamäki

Tekninen päällikkö

0400 479 079

Western Finland

Petri Isokyykö – InCar

Petri Isokyykö


044 243 7445

Eastern Finland

Joensuu, Kuopio, Lappeenranta, Mikkeli

Kari Matikainen – InCar

Kari Matikainen


040 743 4486

Perttu Pullinen – InCar

Perttu Pullinen


050 501 2624

Valtteri Korkia-aho – InCar

Valtteri Korkia-aho


040 740 6661

Central Finland

Tampere, Kangasala, Ylöjärvi, Hämeenlinna, Jyväskylä, Vaasa

Henkilöitä ei löytynyt.

Northern Finland

Oulu, Rovaniemi, Kokkola

Ari Kirvesniemi – InCar

Ari Kirvesniemi


0400 744 635

Joonas Lampinen – InCar

Joonas Lampinen


044 982 5520

Jari Wiman – InCar

Jari Wiman


050 313 4988

Teemu Kulmala – InCar

Teemu Kulmala


050 443 4430

Southern Finland

Järvenpää, Hyvinkää, Lahti, Heinola, Kouvola

Jari Virtanen – InCar

Jari Virtanen


044 737 9195

Administration and customer service

Tuuli Kiiski – InCar

Tuuli Kiiski


040 141 7640

Tuuli Kiiski – InCar

Tuuli Kiiski


Tiina Wright – InCar

Tiina Wright


050 487 2146

Markkinointi ja viestintä – InCar

Markkinointi ja viestintä

Viestintä- ja markkinointipäällikkö

040 822 1721

Juha Mononen – InCar

Juha Mononen


050 4722 070

Mika Saastamoinen – InCar

Mika Saastamoinen

Kehityspäällikkö, Kumppaniverkosto

044 307 3826

Anders Rydman – InCar

Anders Rydman


040 674 6840


Jyrki Lampinen – InCar

Jyrki Lampinen


0400 558 934

Marko Hilari – InCar

Marko Hilari


040 674 6836

Mikko Sivonen – InCar

Mikko Sivonen


0500 262 526

Juha Lehtonen – InCar

Juha Lehtonen

Avainasiakasjohtaja, vakuutusyhtiöyhteistyö

040 5922 988

Marko Heikkonen – InCar

Marko Heikkonen


0400 434 385

Tomi Saastamoinen – InCar

Tomi Saastamoinen


050 441 6942

Kimmo Kytö – InCar

Kimmo Kytö


050 352 7444

Juha Rindell – InCar

Juha Rindell


040 579 1181

Jani Niskanen – InCar

Jani Niskanen


045 775 00261

Contact information for administration

Mailing address

  • InCar Oy | Hallinto
  • Valimotie 9-11
  • 00380 Helsinki

Financial administration


E-invoicing address

  • E-invoicing address: 003708297419
  • Operator: Basware Oyj
  • Operator broker ID: BAWCFI22

If it is not possible for you to send e-invoices quite yet, you can send printed invoices to our new
invoicing address:

  • InCar Oy
  • PL 933
  • 00026 BASWARE