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Repair of your car starts with a damage inspection

Repair of your car starts with a damage inspection During the damage inspection, all the damage suffered by your car is investigated, and a damage report is submitted to the insurance company to get a permission for repairs. Careful and detailed damage inspection ensures a smooth repair process, so that necessary parts can be ordered for the right time and sufficient time can be reserved for repair works. The damage inspection is free of charge for you, and you can wait on-site during the inspection. The inspection takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Getting the damage inspection done does not bind you to anything yet.

For free damage inspection:

  • Please book your appointment here.
  • If the damage is minor, you can send the pictures yourself here.
  • You can also drive straight to our location without an appointment.
  • In Helsinki Metropolitan Area, you are also served by a mobile damage inspection unit, which you can order to visit you. Make your order here.

Instructions in case of accident

  • Submit a damage report to your insurance company if the accident is not caused by another motorist.
  • If the accident is caused by another car, write down the counterparty’s registration number and contact information.
  • If the case is not clear, call the police to visit the accident site.
  • Take your car for damage inspection or submit pictures to the repair-workshop via InCar camera service (InCar-kamera).
  • If you need a loaner car during the repair works, notify the repair-workshop of this when you book your repair visit.
  • If the accident is covered by the counterparty’s insurance policy, also provide the counterparty’s insurance company with a declaration of need for a loaner car.
  • • At any stage, from the actual car accident until the car repair work is completed, you can always contact our service centre 24/7.
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