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Damage repairs for all brands and makes of cars

In road traffic, some bumps cannot always be avoided. After an accident, it is extremely important that your car remains just as safe as it was before. All repair-workshops belonging to the InCar chain are accident repair-shops authorised by insurance companies.

You can have your car repaired with us regardless of the make and brand of your car or insurance company. Book an appointment for damage inspection easily either by calling our service centre or repair-workshop or use our online service. In case of minor damage, you can also have the inspection done electronically with InCar camera service.

InCar’s accident repair-workshop’s bodywork masters, car body repair professionals and auto-painters guarantee safe and high-quality repair results for your car.

Car damage repair as a process

Damage inspection

Repairing the car always starts with a damage inspection. During the damage inspection, all damage suffered by the car is photographed, and the foreman of the repair-workshop drafts an estimate for the insurance company of the costs of the repair. A careful and detailed damage inspection ensures that the duration and costs of the repair works remain at the estimated level. During the damage inspection, a repair visit is booked. The foreman of the repair-workshop orders all the necessary spare parts so that they are ready for repair works. During the damage inspection, so-called “first-aid repair” can also be carried out to keep the car road-worthy until the actual repair. First-aid repairs are free of charge when the car is repaired with InCar.

Handing the car over for repair

After the customer has handed over his/her vehicle to the repair-workshop, the foreman assigns the work to a bodywork-repairman or a bodywork-master who is more specialised. The bodywork-repairman always starts repair works with washing to make damage easier to detect. After this, the damaged parts of the car are dismantled to be able to repair any hidden damage. If new damage sites are found, the foreman will notify the insurance company of this. After these procedures, the actual repair works of the car begin.

Quality control

During the process of repairing the car, the performers of various work-stages always ensure the work-quality of the previous stage. This ensures that the repair process is not delayed due to late detection of errors. At the end of the process, the foreman and the customer go through the repair works of the car, and at this point the customer can also personally accept the quality of the work.

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